Here at Liquid NZ bar we are committed to working towards a greener environment.  As a locally owned business we care greatly about the environment we are a part of and take care to be a responsible member of the community.

Below are a number of initiatives and business practices we have in place to achieve this.


  • Where possible energy efficient LED lighting has been installed throughout the building.
  • All detergents and cleaning products used at Liquid NZ bar are now 100% chemical free!
  • None of the amenities have been tested on animals.
  • Over 98% of all waste in our building is recycled.
  • Local food and beverage suppliers are used where possible.
  • No fossil fuels are burnt
  • A preventative maintenance programme is in place meaning regular checks are done to ensure energy and water equipment is working efficiently.
  • 100% of all toilets in the building are water efficient.
  • All staff are educated about our green practices.
  • No hot water is stored reducing wasted energy consumtion
  • Water consumption is reduced with the aid of sensor taps
  • We only use completely compostable gloves suitable for organic recycling
  • We only use 100% compostable straws


We are constantly looking for ways to achieve a greener environment.