Welcome to the friendliest bar on the planet 🙂

Our policy for your enjoyment

We have a great range of:

DELICIOUS BAR FOODS available any time Liquid is open

From light snacks to full meals.

These are displayed on the wall beside Bar or on table talkers and menus

We offer a full range of quality low alcohol and alcohol-free products including

Award winning NZ juices

Fizzy Soda’s and still iced Cordials

Alcohol-free and low alcohol cocktails for the connoisseur

Low alcohol NZ beer

Free water

A Free phone is available for all our patrons to arrange alternative transport

Or Ask a staff member and they will be happy to arrange a taxi or sober driver for you

If you are a designated driver let us know and it’s OUR SHOUT!

       Free non alcohol drinks including Coffee or Tea, soft drinks and cordials all night

We have promotions, activities and fantastic local entertainment every night.

Find us on FaceBook or to find out what’s happening

Our promotions are for your FUN and your ENTERTAINMENT

That’s why we support the national guidelines for responsible promotions

          Your enjoyment and safety is our business.

Our staff are trained and experienced in dealing with any person who may become intoxicated and will politely intervene to prevent them becoming a danger or a nuisance

Our bar is a “supervised area” under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012            

All our staff are required to ask for evidence of age