Customer Policy

LIQUID NZ BAR                              CUSTOMER POLICY

By entering these premises you have agreed to accept the conditions of this policy

All large bags or backpacks will be stored safely.

For safety reasons No large bags or backpacks are authorized to be on the premises.

Also you may be asked to open and display the contents of your bag at any time.

Do not leave your drink unattended. For your safety we will remove any unattended drinks and store them at the glass sterilizing area for a period of upto 30 minutes so if your drink goes missing please ask at the bar.

Any personal property stored on your behalf will be looked after with the utmost care but Liquid NZ bar can take no responsibility for damage or loss that is unlikely but possible to occur.

Your own property is your responsibility.

Bringing your own alcohol onto our licensed premises may result in confiscation and your immediate removal and a possible ban from returning to Liquid NZ bar.

Our license does not permit people to bring in their own alcohol.

Any disrespect to guests, staff or property will result in your immediate removal and a possible ban from returning to Liquid NZ bar.

We are the friendliest bar on the planet and provide a safe and welcoming environment.

One person allowed in the mens or womens toilet at any one time

or you will be asked to leave immediately.


Use or possession of illegal substances will result in Police prosecution and/or being banned from these premisses for life. 

If you look 25 years of age or less you must provide ID.

When the bar is full, we use the one out one in method.